Biologics Register

The DSSA Biologic guidelines state that All dermatological patients who wish to use biologic therapies must be registered with the DSSA Biologics Registry. Patients who are undergoing therapy with Biologics prior to the initiation of the registry must also be registered prior to 1st June 2012.

Any changes in biologic therapy, adverse events during the course of treatment and 6 monthly clinical updates are to be added to the registry.

DSSA members may enter information into the registry by logging into the secure section of this website, or download and complete the forms below. After completing the required information - e-mail or fax the form to e mail address or Fax 011888-9624

The DSSA administrator will transfer the information to the online database where after a request will be sent to the DSSA biologic panel to authorize or reject the submission.

Authorized applications will be forwarded to the relevant medical administrator , where once again they will accept or reject the treatment plan.

Important forms include:
Doctor consent form - This must be completed by any dermatologist wishing to put patients on biologic therapy as from 1/6/ 2012. This provision will be in force even for patients already on any biologic therapy

Patient consent - - This must be completed before a patient's information is captured into the registry. The practitioner Is required to keep the patient consent form in the patient's file. DO NOT SEND patient consent forms to the registry. All patients on biologics after 1/6/2012 must be included on the registry, even if already on therapy or on biologics under section 21 permission

Psoriasis Arthritis - the required Biologic registry forms for Psoriasis patients should be filled in by Dermatologists if they are the doctor in charge for this patient ..

To access the forms, please login and access them on the biologics register page.